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Alton Mythbusting

Just saw in my TV listings that Alton is supposed to be a guest on tonight's episode of Mythbusters.  Seems like a good match, style-wise, between Mythbusters and Good Eats.
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In other AB news

Alton is apparently becoming a columnist for Mental Floss magazine., he's on the cover of the issue that I saw on the racks last week and though I didn't read the entire article, I got the impression that he's going to be a regular contributor.

What really sucks is I missed the final episode or two of Good Eats. I'm hoping the final season box set comes out soon.

Any suggestions on cooking bacon?

I'm really interested in the rendered fat more than the bacon, though I'll certainly use it for omelets and other things, I use the fat for browning meat in stews and chilis for adding flavor. I've yet to find a consistent way to cook without burning or undercooking, and I'm not rendering as much fat as I'd like.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

Resurfacing bamboo cutting boards?

Has anyone ever sanded a bamboo board? I made some chili a couple of nights ago and set five cans of beans and tomato product on my bamboo board, and now it has five rings on it that a conventional cleaning did not remove. I wonder if I can just take some very fine grit sand paper to it to try and remove the stains.


Has anyone made Alton's City Ham recipe?

It's the one where you twice cook it, after the first you trim off the fat and apply mustard, brown sugar, pulverized gingersnaps, and spritz it with bourbon? I've made it three or four times. The first time it came out absolutely perfect. The subsequent times I've had problems with the packed material sliding off the ham while baking, and I'm not sure why. I don't know if I'm packing too loose or too thick, or what. I believe the second time I spritzed too much bourbon and maybe made it too wet, I know I didn't over-spritz last week and it still slid.

Any thoughts?

WAAAA! Alton announces the end of Good Eats?!

I thought there hadn't been as many repeats recently, and when I pulled it up on my Tivo, it was saying No Future Episodes.

So I pulled up Wikipedia.

"On May 9, 2011, Alton Brown announced via his Twitter that he is "retiring" the show after 249 episodes, and there will be three new one-hour episodes to be produced and premiered in 2011."



Should worn-out Teflon-coated skillets be tossed?

I have a cheap skillet, one of these supermarket "collect the stickers" promotions type, that the coating on the bottom has worn off. You can touch the sides and the bottom and feel the difference. About all we use it for are cheese crisps, which is almost a daily thing. Should I toss it and buy a better replacement? (I'm actually kinda looking at an excuse to buy a better stainless pan)
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New DVDs vs Old DVDs

I got the season 1 and 2 DVDs in the mail today for Good Eats. While it is nice that they are releasing the episodes in order, compared to the previous release which was based on theme, the quality seams to be lower.

I have 9 DVDs that were sold on Amazon as a bundle, a mixture of episodes grouped by theme instead of season. After each episode was an "Ask Alton" special where Alton Brown answered fan mail about that episode. I don't know if all of the DVDs that were in the first release where that way, but this is what I have to go on.

Previously there was 3 episodes on a single layer DVD, now there is a season spread across two dual layer DVDs. On the bright side, the specials and extras are different, season one has a bunch of little specials that I am guessing would have been used as filler on TV. The bitrate is lower also. Highlighting one episode (season 1 episode 2), on my "Family Favorites" DVD it is 5,118 kbps on average, and the audio was 224 kbps. The new DVD has this same episode with an average of 4,300 kbps and the audio is 192 kbps.

Does anybody still have a set of the old DVDs?
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Good Eats DVDs

So I finally am at the point where I can afford to buy the good eats DVDs, but the older DVDs are discontinued, and the new ones are not all out yet.

There is 20 (18 + 2) "volumes" of the original DVDs, but on food network's site many of them are discontinued. All but two of the "group packs" are out, and volume 1, 4, 10, 12, and 13 are no longer available for purchase. I already have 9 of the DVDs (this set), but these fall outside o the normal "volumes". I was not to worried about them being out of order, but all the weird compilation discs did make things confusing.

For the new DVDs, there is the "Complete First Season" and "Complete Second Season". I assume they will continue through to all the seasons eventually. What worries me is that they appear to be on fewer discs. On the 9 discs I already have, there is three episodes per single layer DVD, along with the "Ask Alton" segments for each episode. The first season is on two discs (probably dual layer) with 5 episodes on one disc, and 9 on the second. There is no mention of any extras on the second disc, and I know my copy of "A bowl of Onion" included an "Ask Alton" segment. The second season does two discs also, with 5 + extras on one, and 10 on the second. I wonder what the video quality is like on these, compared to the originals. they are fitting 10 episodes in double the space they used to use for 3 episodes.

Does anybody know if there is any way to get the original 20 volumes of the DVDs? Or is the new DVDs the same quality as the originals?

Win an awesome signed copy of Good Eats: The Early Years

Hey everyone~

I'm giving away a signed copy of Good Eats: The Early Years on my site to celebrate AB's up coming birthday.
Alton personally signed this book for to to giveaway to readers of the site.  It is nothing short of awesome because he wrote: To No one in particular. And put a big AB cartoon guy on it!